To our new clients:
We have found that this simple questionnaire format helps us develop a garden design that is specifically yours...please take a few moments to let us know your landscaping priorities so we can do our job better. If possible, please have 3 or more pictures from books, magazines or actual landscapes that illustrate some aspects of your vision for the project. If you would like us to develop a 24 by 36 landscape design plan, please have a set of architectural drawings used to build the house, specifically the plat/foundation plan and elevations.

Please fill in the online form below and click the "Submit Form" button to send it to us. If you prefer, you can click here for a printable version which you can mail or fax in.

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1. List your top three priorities for this phase of the project:
[Example: a) Front entry area, b) koi pond, c) back lawn]

2. Who does the yard work in your household?
     How many hours are you willing to spend weekly on maintenance?

3. What type of pets do you have?

4. How many children/grandchildren?
     Full time? Visiting?

5. What is a cost limit on this phase? $ Total Project? $

6. Check any of these that you want addressed: privacy   resale value   deer
drainage   irrigation   problem neighbors   traffic/noise   food production
frequent entertaining   use/non-use of chemicals   handicap accessibility

7. Other Info

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